Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

The whole of the wheel is refurbished not just the front face, improving the aesthetic appearance and also ensuring the tyre seats better which helps to prevent slow punctures. The following explains the process deployed when a total alloy wheel refurbishment is undertaken.

Stage 1Wheel Stripping

Firstly we remove the tyre, valve, weights and any stick on decals. Tyre pressure sensors are marked to ensure correct replacement, we cannot guarantee the original positions if the wheels are delivered loose. The wheel is then checked for buckles.

The wheels are then chemically stripped using a specialised process which removes all the original paint, the rim is then neutralised and moved to the blasting process.

Wheel Stripping

Stage 2Shot Blasting

The wheel is then shot blasted to remove any corrosion and pitting in the surface; this also highlights any further imperfections which can then be dressed (dents, deep scratches and kerb damage). Please be aware that we do not repair wheels that have been seriously damaged as this will affect the wheel’s structural integrity and it should be replaced. Our trained technicians will advise you accordingly prior to repair.

Shot Blasting

Stage 3Repair to Damaged Surface

The wheel is now ready for the repair / dressing stage, the damage is identified and repaired using various processes and the wheels are then ready for the painting process.

Repair to Damaged Surface

Stage 4Powder Coating

The wheels are heated to the required temperature allowing for any gases trapped in the cast aluminium to be released. The whole wheel is then primer powder coated and cured in a high temperature oven.

The colour you have chosen or Manufacturers colour is then applied. A final coat of powder clear lacquer is applied and cured, this ensures the wheel is fully protected from the elements. The lacquer used is a particularly robust coating, and makes cleaning the wheels easy, once back in daily use.

Powder Coating

Stage 5Tyre Refitting & Balancing

The tyre is refitted and balanced using all new weights and valves and fitted back to the vehicle, depending on what type of service you have chosen.

Tyre Refitting & Balancing
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Full wheel refurbishment to almost like new condition

Scuffed Wheel Before Reconditioned Wheel
Scuffed Wheel Before Reconditioned Wheel Scuffed Wheel Before Reconditioned Wheel