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Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment Centres

Full Wheel Refurbishment to almost like New Condition

Welcome to Wheel Clinic, the alloy wheel refurbishment and repair specialist based and centrally located in Northampton. We have been refurbishing and repairing alloy wheels for customers throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding areas for over 16 years. We consistently deliver one of the best services in the area, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your wheels will be refurbished to an excellent standard. We often refurbish alloy wheels others cannot and will not touch.

Why choose Wheel Clinic?

Refurbished Alloy Wheel

At Wheel Clinic we pride ourselves on producing quality alloy wheel refurbishment, whilst offering a pricing package to meet every ones needs, our menu pricing is based on the size of the wheel and finish and not the vehicle marque as is often the case. We operate a fully equipped workshop using a range of up to date equipment with the very latest technology, our paint finishes (supplied by Wheel Paints) are meticulously researched, refined and tested to meet the manufacturers exacting standards.

About our Paints

Extensive testing has been undertaken to ensure cross adhesion of surface paint coats between the powder coat and base coats applied during our process, thus ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Passenger car manufacturers demand strict attention to quality standards, so when we refurbish or refinish alloy wheels due to kerb damage or corrosion it makes sense to replace the protective coating with the very same paints and processes that are applied to the alloy wheel during its manufacture.

Our Process

With our Alloy wheel refurbishment service, we don't just paint the face of the alloy wheel. The tyres are removed the rims are then checked for buckles and flat spots before being chemically stripped of the existing paint back to the original alloy, the surface is blasted to remove any residues or corrosion prior to re-powder coating them inside and out in a durable primer and baked at 200°c. The chosen colour coat is applied and then finished off with a protective clear powder coat finish then again baked at 200°c leaving a though long lasting, durable protective coating.

Our high quality durable finish cannot be achieved by the following operators.

  • A mobile van operator, using aerosols or other paint systems.
  • Car body shop or repairer using automotive paints
  • An industrial or jobbing powder coater.